Scientific Research & Evidence

Passion Flower

Marshmallow Root

  • Marshmallow leaf and root are used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract. They are also used for dry cough, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation, urinary tract inflammation, and stones in the urinary tract.
  • It’s been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years to treat digestive, respiratory, and skin conditions. Its healing powers are due in part to the mucilage it contains. It’s typically consumed in capsule, tincture, or tea form. It’s also used in skin products and cough syrups.

Corydalis Powder

Prickly Pear

  • Single doses of prickly pear cactus can decrease blood sugar levels by 17% to 46% in some people. However, it is not known if extended daily use can consistently lower blood sugar levels. The broiled stems of one prickly pear cactus species (Opuntia streptacantha) seem to lower blood sugar levels in people who have type 2 diabetes. However, raw or crude stems of this species do not seem to work. Other prickly pear cactus species don't seem to work either.
  • Studies have shown its antioxidant activities which may help in preventing chronic pathologies such as diabetes.
  • Aqueous extracts from prickly pear have been shown to exhibit high total antioxidant capacity. The sources of the antioxidant properties were mainly vitamin C, with small fractions of carotenoids and vitamin.

California Poppy Seed

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